Update: copy paste had transformed some of the characters in commands below. That has been fixed now. If you encounter any issues, please let me know in the comments or create a github issue in the relevant repo!

I recently setup my new apple silicon M1 mac for development using trial and error to find the best fit of configuration for my daily tasks. I am detailing the process below for the benefit of other developers. I have split the setup in two repos (available on github). The first repo accompanying this article (https://github.com/chaudhryjunaid/setup-apple-silicon-mac) also details these steps in its…

If you are a developer and just installed Fedora on your system, then you are probably facing a long post-install process to setup your computer for your development use. The good news is that we can use the provisioning tool Ansible (owned by RedHat) to automate and take the pain out of this laborious process. I have created a repo that will:

  • install common software using dnf
  • configure zsh using oh-my-zsh and install some must-have plugins that will make working in the terminal a pleasure
  • copy common settings in common dotfiles
  • configure vim
  • configure your ssh keys
  • configure nodejs on…

Chaudhry Junaid Anwar

I am a full stack web developer having worked in software development for over 12 years. My primary tech stack these days is Node.js and React.

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